Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

I am lucky enough to have some pretty creative folks in my family. Above is a collage of some of the cards/gifts I received this year for Father's Day.

At the top, daughter Carrie Renee gave me a card with a beautiful message, and topped it off with a box of Ritz crackers and spray-on cheese spread. That gal knows the way to my heart!

Below left, son Matthew created a card using a photo from years ago showing him and me at the radio desk in Brea, CA. The message "Happy Fathers Day" was spelled out in morse code. Matt made my day with a nice "thank you" note for being a good dad. Neat!

The card at lower right is from our granddaughter Kayla, age 18. I love her stick figures with the "you" and "me" labels! She wrote a lovely message inside.

I'll keep these cards forever!