Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rescued From The Junk Pile...

I just recently acquired this nice old radio for $25. It's a Knight Kit R-100. This was a "kit" radio made in 1957, according to the date inside the cabinet. The way it worked is you bought the radio as a box of parts and assembled it yourself. Everything was included, and the price was about $100.

This one looked pretty good cosmetically, but didn't work when I got it. After replacing the filter capacitor and some other parts, it now works like new... and it looks cool!

Spent several hours last night listening to CRI (China Radio International) and some other foreign broadcasts.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Day At The "Ranch"...


On Saturday we spent the day at the "ranch" of our oldest daughter, Carrie Ann, her husband Kelly and their daughters Chloe and Ava to celebrate Father's Day. After a great lunch of pizza we all headed out to their orchard to pick some delicious apricots and grapefruit (above).

At right, Carrie Ann and dad pose long enough to have their picture taken.

In the other photos, dad Robbin and Chloe mug it up for the camera while Kelly and Ava scout out some new picking areas.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kids All Over The Place!

This weekend we had two little visitors -- Chloe and Ava came for the weekend while their parents (Carrie and Kelly) were doing "demo" on their home in preparation for some new hardwood floors.

After playing and eating most of the day, we all went to Kahoot's in Murrieta to see the rabbits, snakes and all kinds of other critters.

Even with a big box of toys, it seems most toddlers prefer playing in the water, and a fly swatter makes it even more fun, as Chloe demonstrates!

Finally a nice dinner and then it was time to clean-up. Pictured here, Ava Renee helps grandma get the dishwasher loaded up!

We had a great time, although these little ones sure kept Grandpa and Grandma busy!