Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TX7M DXpedition to Marquesas Islands Worked

TX7M is the callsign of another big ham radio dx-pedition, this one going to the Marquesas Islands, out in the Pacific Ocean near Tahiti. I've worked them on 8 bands (see chart at right) using CW (morse code).

This is a major effort is being put on by a group of Russian radio operators.
In recent years it's been difficult to work foreign stations on the higher bands (10, 12 and 15 meters) due to a lack of sunspots. With the 11 year solar cycle coming into full bloom, these bands are now open and stations all over the world can be contacted.

The photo shows one of their antennas used on the 10 meter band hanging from some palm trees.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

T32C, Kiritimati Island Worked On 8 Bands!

Below is a chart showing contacts I made with T32C during the past week.This is an Amateur Radio DXpedition to Kiritimati (Christmas Island) in the Northern Line Islands, a part of the Republic of Kiribati.

The chart is from their on-line log, which they uploaded daily, and shows I worked them on 8 bands using CW (morse code). The only band I have not worked them on is 160m because I don't have an antenna for that band.

This was a HUGE operation, with 15 stations set up and 41 operators participating, mostly Europeans. The map above shows the island. They located their stations at the top right part of the island.

Christmas Island is a very isolated, but interesting place.

Here's a link to Wikipedia with more information: