Friday, July 31, 2009

Central Coast, Day 3 and 4...

What, no pictures???

Sorry, but we were having so much fun, we kinda forgot to click off any photos. But, just so you know, we survived our mini-vacation to the central CA coast. We tried 3 nights in a row to get a great photo of the sunset, but the cloud/fog level was too heavy.

Here's the sunset photo I would have taken if it hadn't been so foggy!

Day 3:
We left Pismo Beach and stopped in at San Luis Obisbo for a few hours. Took a short tour
of the Mission, and we searched for --and found-- a restaurant Robbin likes. Later we arrived in Morro Bay where Bill had his crab cocktail on the pier. Spent most of the day visiting all the shops and restaurants.

Day 4: A little more sight-seeing, then off we went. Stopped in at Anderson's Pea Soup restaurant in Buellton and did a little shopping, and then to Santa Barbara where stopped by another Mission. We had a great lunch at Nordstrom's in the outdoor cafe, located on the top floor, with a beautiful view of the area.

Good News: The Good News is that the "check engine" light went out. We had it checked before leaving and they told us it would be an $1100 repair job! Hopefully it was just a temporary hiccup and we won't need to have it repaired. If we're lucky, the money we saved on not repairing the car will help pay for the vacation!

All in all, it was a wonderful trip that we both enjoyed -- and needed. It's pretty strange being on the coast with temperatures in the low 70's, and come home to 100+ degrees.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Central Coast, Day 1 and 2...

On Saturday we started a short vacation up the California central coast. On our first stop we visited Bob and Julia in Ventura, then off to Santa Barbara.

Day 2 started with a great breakfast at a funky little place in Santa Barabara before driving up to Los Alamos, where Robbin took this photo of Bill in a neat museum.
We continued to Pismo Beach, but it was jammed full of tourists, so we drove north a few miles and found some wonderful spots (including where photo below was taken).
Later that evening we returned to Pismo Beach and enjoyed Clam Chowder bowls at the world famous Splash Cafe (claimed to be the best chowder west of Boston!).
Tomorrow should find us roaming around in San Luis Obisbo and Morro Bay.
From there, who knows!

Friday, July 3, 2009

DXCC #330 Confirmed...

Recently received a QSL card confirming my contact with this quite rare station that was operating in the Andaman & Nicobar Island group. These islands are located in the Bay of Bengal, southeast of India.

This card bring my total confirmed country count to 330 in the DXCC program. The contact was made on the 40 meter band using cw (morse code).

I am currently listed on the CQ Honor Roll (CW - morse code), but I still have a couple more countries to work/confirm before being eligible for the ARRL DXCC Honor Roll.